How Humidity Affects Lash Adhesive

Did you know the humidity and moisture levels in your salon (or outside!) can affect the setting and drying times of your adhesives? That's because they are moisture reactive,so the level of moisture in the room affects the speed at which the adhesive dries. See below for more information on the topic.

In general,adhesives become less effective in high humidities without proper care of the adhesive. So how do you best take care of your adhesive in humid climates? Remember to keep your adhesive fresh and only use it for the suggested time period. The older the adhesive, the more polymerization has taken place within the bottle, making for a bad consistency and worse retention, so it's best to keep your adhesive fresh in any climate. 

Ideally, lashes should be applied at 69-71 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help the adhesive cure at a proper rate and maintain a good consistency. If you work in a salon where blow dryers are functioning all day or the sun is shining through the windows this ideal temperature may have to be adjusted to best suit your environment.  

Lash adhesives experience a type of climate shock when they are transported and used in a lot of different environments. If you are traveling to a new city with a drastically different climate than yours, it’s best to take a brand new adhesive with you that you don’t open until you arrive. This will prevent the adhesive from being shocked and best showcase your artistry.